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Inside the New Heights podcast: What it’s like to party with Kelces

Travis and Jason Kelce got into the college spirit at their alma mater on Thursday night by pounding beers with adoring frat boys – and Mail Sport was there to witness it all unfold.

Following their New Heights live podcast at the University of Cincinnati’s Fifth Third Arena, the boys headed to a local bar, where Jason drunk with fans out on the terrace of the bar.

Travis, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, and Jason, the recently retired Philadelphia Eagles center, were both seen in exclusive video interacting with fans at Uncle Woody’s in Over-the-Rhine, a neighborhood bordering the UC campus. 

Adorned from head to toe in Bearcats apparel, the brothers took photos with fans after their live show, where Taylor Swift’s boyfriend also received his diploma from the school a dozen years after departing for the NFL. 

A throng of brothers from Jason’s old fraternity, Sigma Sigma, could be heard yelling ‘torch and hammer,’ which is a reference to the group’s motto. Jason responded by raising a glass of beer to the onlookers and shaking some hands through the fence at Uncle Woody’s balcony, where the retired lineman was socializing. 

Meanwhile Jason’s wife Kylie managed to talk her way into Jimmy John’s minutes after the fast food chain had closed for the evening.

Adorned in Bearcats apparel, Travis Kelce exits Uncle Woody’s on Thursday in Cincinnati 

Travis Kelce leaves Uncle Woody’s outside the Cincinnati campus following a live podcast

Travis Kelce exits Uncle Woody’s in Over-the-Rhine, a neighborhood bordering the UC campus

Jason Kelce is seen shaking hands with some members of his former fraternity, Sigma Sigma

Jason Kelce lifts a glass of beer towards some members of his former fraternity, Sigma Sigma 

‘He might open the door for you; it’s only been 10 minutes,’ one onlooker told Kylie after she discovered that Jimmy John’s was closed.

‘He just wants a roast beef sandwich,’ Kylie is heard saying, presumably referring to her husband.

One caring onlooker showed some compassion (‘I got a pizza for Jason if he needs it’) before the manager was summoned to the door, where he happily allowed Kylie to enter and place an order.

Kylie re-emerged holding what appeared to be a sandwich wrapped in paper and a cookie or similar desert item. 

And despite her hungry spouse looming off camera, Kylie still took time to take photos with fans, all of whom seemed to be politely waiting for a brief interaction with the famous NFL wife. 

Even with a hungry spouse waiting for a roast beef sandwich, Kylie Kelsie took time to take pictures with fans outside Jimmy John’s in Over-the-Rhine on Thursday night 

‘He just wants a roast beef sandwich,’ Kylie says after realizing Jimmy John’s is closed

Earlier in the evening, Kylie received a round of applause from the crowd at Fifth Third Arena, although she buried her face in her hands to hide her embarrassment. 

With the celebrity rise of Travis and Jason Kelce, Kylie has been along for the skyrocketing in attention, as she is married and has three daughters with Jason. 

‘PRINCESS KYANA IN THE BUILDING,’ the New Heights’ official account said along with the video. 

‘Princess Kyana’ is the nickname given to Kylie by Travis, styled after the late Princess Diana. 

Jason graduated from UC in 2010, while Satterfield was an assistant at Florida International

Satterfield posed for a photo with Travis, who played for the Bearcats from 2008-2012

After playing high school football together, the Kelce’s also played college football together

Before their ‘New Heights Live’ special was held Thursday night, Travis and Jason Kelce stopped by to speak with the current Cincinnati Bearcats football team. 

At least one of the Kelce brothers played for Cincinnati from 2006-2012, and with the brother’s current celebrity status, they’re likely program’s two most famous alumni. 

Cincinnati head football coach Scott Satterfield, who took the job in 2022 after stints as the head coach at Louisville and Appalachian State, posted photos with each of the Kelce brothers on social media.  

‘Very grateful to ⁦⁦ @JasonKelce ⁩ and ⁦ @tkelce ⁩ for speaking to our team. Pumped to have them back in Clifton!’ Satterfield said on X, referencing the Cincinnati neighborhood where the university’s campus is located. 

In the photos, Travis is wearing a green Nike sweatshirt, while Jason is wearing a Bearcats football t-shirt. 

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