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Answers about Educational Methods and Theories

It is an attempt to illustrate his contention that “dreamers often lie”. Dreams, he says, do not come from reality but from a fairy influence. Where she touches

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Educational Methods and Theories


What is media pluralism?

Asked by Wiki User

Media pluralism refers to the presence of a diverse range of media sources, outlets, and voices in a given society. It emphasizes the importance of ensuring a v

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Educational Methods and Theories


What is the importance of philosophy of education to a teacher?

Asked by Wiki User

The philosophy of education guides teachers in shaping their teaching methods and interactions with students, ensuring their approach aligns with their educatio

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Math and Arithmetic


What fractions are smaller than 1 over 10?

Asked by Wiki User

1 over ten is equal to 0.1, so all fractions who represent a number smaller then 0.1 are smaller than 1 over 10.


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