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Pay Per Click – PPC

Paid Search (aka Pay Per Click Search or PPC) refers to the concept of placing paid advertisements into search results of major search engines (Google, Bing) or social media websites (FaceBook, LinkedIn). Such websites offer Pay Per Click advertising medium to allow businesses to place sponsored placement of your ad amongst the search results while charge a fee for each click on the ad by a visitor.

Our PPC/Paid Search Management process starts with learning about clients objectives and success criteria’s for the PPC campaign. We measure the key success indicators with the help of our web analytics experts and implementation of analytics tools, tracking and real time reporting. Using this data, we are able to assist our clients in making decisions in how their marketing budget allocated to PPC Marketing is fairing for them and how it should be spent to get the highest return of investment (ROI).

Pay Per Click/Paid Search Management is an ongoing program focusing on tracking the competitive environment, campaign statistics, develop innovative strategies to improve campaign results, determine the most efficient media spend per campaign or groups, craft the most effective messaging, reanalyze the data and constantly monitor, refine and optimize your PPC campaigns. Effective use of proprietary technology and third party PPC bid management tools empowers our certified PPC campaign managers to grill down granular detail and make effective decisions on your behalf.

DRUVAAN has built a team of certified PPC management strategists and practitioners in the industry who are passionate about search engine marketing. PPC management experts will design, develop, implement, and manage your Google Adowrds, Bing AdCenter, FaceBook and LinkedIn PPC campaigns. Each client has a dedicated PPC manager managing their PPC campaign account, monitor effectiveness of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad copy to ensure that our optimization techniques are having a positive effect on your account. Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to: improving quality score, investigating new opportunities, assessing the account performance, improving conversions, competitive analysis, reporting and analysis. All of these responsibilities and optimization techniques generate qualified and measurable leads/sales through paid search, right down to the conversion metrics.

Why use DRUVAAN for your Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management?

  • Industry leading experience, consulting on web analytics, strategic SEO planning and execution of tactics, tailored to your company, business domain and objectives.
  • Transparency throughout your entire campaign and relationship, keeping you abreast and informed about every step of the way.
  • Exhaustive, technical audit of your website, navigation, landing pages, your business domain and competitive landscape.
  • Expertly-written content for your pages to improve conversions.
  • Landing page optimization and user experience enhancements that benefit both your visitors and your search rankings.
  • Rich experience in KPI tracking and reporting which is executive ready.

Pay Per Click – PPC

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