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Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search engines rank websites that give visitors a great experience by showing relevant websites related to their search. DRUVAAN’s custom SEO services help clients design and develop search engine optimized websites that appeals to both users and search engines crawling them.

Our SEO process starts with learning what success means for our clients. We help measure the success indicators with the help of our web analytics experts and implementation of analytics, tracking and reporting. Using this data, we are able to assist our clients in making difficult decisions in how their marketing budget allocated to SEO is fairing for them and how it should be spent to get the highest return of investment (ROI). We also provide our clients with executive reports of the campaigns so these can be shared with the executive management.

At DRUVAAN, we understand that execution of a carefully planned SEO campaign can get difficult and that top rankings can sound impossible at first especially with the constant Panda and Penguin updates by Google. That is why DRUVAAN has built a best team of SEO strategists and practitioners in the industry. DRUVAAN has been servicing clients in the area of Search Engine Optimization since 1999 and has developed a well-honed and time tested methodology of offpage and onpage best practices which are constantly updated with the ever changing world of search engine algorithms. Our team is innovative and is always on top of the latest in search marketing and we invest greatly in them to stay ahead of the competition so you can retain the top rankings.

DRUVAAN has a dedicated SEO team who is passionate about what they do and work the extra mile to make each campaign successful, against all odds and no matter how difficult or ambitious the goal may be.

Whether your organization is a veteran of search marketing or just starting to recognize the incredible power of organic search, DRUVAAN is ready to help you with the strategy and execute the tactics necessary to attain the top rankings and traffic your company desires.

Why use DRUVAAN for your Search Engine Optimization Campaign?

  • Industry leading experience, consulting on web analytics, strategic SEO planning and execution of tactics, tailored to your company, business domain and objectives.
  • Transparency throughout your entire campaign and relationship, keeping you abreast and informed about every step of the way.
  • Exhaustive, technical audit of your website, link-backs, navigation, landing pages, your business domain and competitive landscape.
  • Expertly-written content for your pages that helps search engines understand your site and learn about your company.
  • Press releases, articles, blogs, infographics and other search media that help your company become part of the conversations in social spaces, the next frontier of search.
  • Social Graph Optimization that adheres to Google’s Webmaster guidelines.
  • Landing page optimization and user experience enhancements that benefit both your visitors and your search rankings.
  • Rich experience in KPI tracking and reporting which is executive ready.
  • Multi-touch and multi-channel attribution expertise.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

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