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Static Website Design

What is a Static Web Page?

A static web page, sometimes referred to as a flat webpage, is a page on a website that displays the same information to all download requests from all users at all times. This is because the website is often made up of (x)html documents that are stored in a file system or a database and hosted and made available over HTTP. This type of webpage does not use a web application, contrasted to a dynamic web page. The information that a user sees on his/her screen is the same for everyone else from all contexts. Static web pages use the classical hypertext and all navigation is performed through the use of “static” documents.

Having a static website devoted to your business is one of the simplest ways to showcase your products, services, and information in a quick and effective way. It is highly cost effective and serves as the perfect method to advertise your business and the services or products that you have to offer. It is best to use a static web page when the products and services you offer do not need to be updated; they are set and your business has one main product or service focus. These web pages are great to use to allow potential customers to download brochures, images, and other information related to your business. 

This type of web page is often highly user friendly as well as browser friendly. They are easy to navigate, which is something that many of your customers will appreciate. No one wants to spend hours trying to make their way around a website to access information. 

When it comes to designing a static web page, the process is very simple because the development technology used is simple as well. Compared to dynamic web pages, static web pages are truly a breeze to create, run, and use. Generally, static web pages are crafted using HTML coding as well as common scripting. But, before we do any coding, we focus on what our client wants and needs. Our staff will take a look at your requirements and then analyze them to ensure that we can provide you with the static website that you need. We aim to offer an appropriate web solution that is able to translate your business logic into the desired application. 


  • Publicly cacheable (meaning anyone can see and access a cached copy of the website)
  • No set kind of hosting requirements are needed
  • Doesn’t involve advanced programming skills
  • Quick and easy to create
  • User and browser friendly
  • Much cheaper than dynamic web pages
  • Can be viewed without an application or web server
  • Ideal for demonstrating how a site will look.

Static Website Design

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